Nauhas for Moharram and all Wafaats
Maatams for Muharram and all Wafaats
Wirasat Ali
Syed Wirasat Ali Rizvi
(Fikr* Lucknawi)
1892 to 10 Sept 1959
Syed Wirasat Ali Rizvi (Fikr* Lucknawi)

Syed Wirasat Ali Rizvi was born in 1892 in Lucknow, India where he lived all his life. He was from a long line of Hakims.

For a time he served as an assistant to a doctor and later went on to practice on his own.

In a preface to the 1955 edition of his bayaaz, Syed Wirasat Ali Saheb wrote:

My life was full of so many worries and hardships that 'biradaram' Maulvi Syed Zafar hussain Sahab Zafar gave me the nickname 'fikr' (worry).

Poetry requires mental peace and free time, which unfortunately has not been available to me. My pen-name has thus been limited to a bayaaz (Mehr-e-Fughaan) of a few nauhas.

If the much respected Nawab Jafar Ali Khan Saheb, Asr* Lucknawi, were not to have encouraged me after his critical review, I doubt if I would have the courage to publish this bayaaz.

I thank him from the bottom of my heart.”

In the early 1920’s he was posted at Basra, Iraq, with a medical team of British forces that were in control of Iraq post WWI. It was then that he had the opportunity to briefly visit the mausoleums of Imam Husein and other martyrs of Karbala.

After his return to India, he always longed to return to Karbala and it was his ambition to be buried there. This yearning to return to Karbala is reflected in all his nauhas.

Alas, this was never to be. Syed Wirasat Ali Rizvi died of cancer of the larynx on the 10th of September 1959 leaving behind a son and eight daughters.

Though his mortal remains rest in Talkatore ki Karbala in Lucknow, we can be sure that in spirit he is in the service of the Shaheed'e Karbala.

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