Nauhas for Moharram and all Wafaats
Maatams for Muharram and all Wafaats
Nauhas for Moharram
Abba's (Syed Wirasat Ali's) Imambara in his old house in Lucknow
This Zareeh was made by Syed Wirasat Ali Rizvi Sahab Fikr* Lucknawi after returning from Iraq.
It is still used by his family for azadari.
Nauhas date-wise

Nauhas by Masoomeen

Download the Bayaaz
Presently not all audio files and Translations are complete.

We will make these available in the coming days.
Please check back regularly


A unique collection of Nauhas for wafaats of all Masoomeen and all days of Muharram written by one poet, Syed Wirasat Ali Rizvi Saheb (Fikr* Lucknawi) of Lucknow.

Most of these Nauhas are very popular in India and as a response to requests from many momineen, we have made available audios of most of these Nauhas so that people are able to recite them in the proper manner as was the wish of Syed Wirasat Ali Rizvi Saheb himself.

There is also a complete bayaaz available to download, (in English and Urdu) along with instructions on printing and binding this. Momineen are invited to download this and print for their use.

Syed Wirasat Ali Rizvi Saheb also penned a QASEEDAH on the birthday of the Imam-e-Zamana which is available here.

Also, we have seen that the current generation is not very familiar with khalis (chaste) Urdu that is used in these Nauhas and we have included translations in order that people are able to better understand them.
But please note that we have NOT attempted to put the translations into rhyme and they simply convey the gist of the nauhas’ meanings.

We have also included a small dictionary of some of the less common Urdu words on this site.

Presently not all Nauhas have Audios and translations available but Insha-Allah, we intend to have them available on this site soon.

Nauhas are available in the original Urdu, in Hindi (Devnagri Script)and in English (transliteration), in pdf format for Momineen who are more at ease with these languages.

Nauhas are available in multiple formats including:

HTM pages to view online
Pdf files (Urdu) to download / print
Pdf files Hindi) to download / print
Pdf files (English) to download / print
Pdf with English translation to download / print
Streaming Audio In MP3 streaming from
Audios for Mobiles in AMR small file size, available for download
On YouTube large file size, with subtitles for reciting along with

For datewise Nauhas with subtitles for reciting along with,

Visit Syed Wirasat Ali's youtube channel

Please Recite Fateha for Marhoom - Syed Wirasat Ali Rizvi ibne Syed Mustafa Hussain Rizvi.
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